Natural Hair Treatment with Pandan Leaves

Natural Hair Treatment with Pandan Leaves

Having beautiful hair with dandruff free is a dream and people’s desire, especially for women who incidentally love with beauty treatments. This is part of natural hair care to obtain results in accordance with the wishes as its own.

Many beauty products offer a wide range to eliminate dandruff treatment such as anti-dandruff shampoo has been widely circulated in the market. However, even though the consumer has used it, some people complain to the results are not optimal.

Well, If the previous post we have discussed about the strengthening of hair with pecan, so on this occasion we will provide a record that is virtually impossible to little more can help you in removing stubborn dandruff on your scalp. The method used is a traditional way or it could be called Pandan Leaves dandruff treatment. As we know that dandruff is very disturbing appearance for someone because it signifies your scalp conditions are not healthy.

Pandan Leaves for Dandruff Treatment

Pandan leaves are one of the plants that emit scent that is usually used for flavoring in many dishes. In addition to its fragrant aroma, green color of pandan leaves also excellent to be used as a natural food coloring. Due to the nature of the pandan leaves are also classified in medicinal plants. And for its use as a dandruff remover, pandan leaves can be used immediately after a simple process.
dandruff treatment with pandan leaves

How to Treat Dandruff with Pandan Leaves are simple, grab a few pieces of pandan leaves then wash thoroughly and grind until smooth. Once it can be added to a glass of water while squeezing. Once everything is well blended, squeeze and strain the mixture to take water. This water can be used to rub the scalp with a massage. For patients who have unhealthy scalp, use of this alternative healing can be done twice a day until the stubborn dandruff disappear.

Treatment using pandan leaves is good to keep the scalp moist so that the head remains soft and not dry. With normal moisture this scalp will not dry and flaky which could result in dandruff. In addition to alternative healing in eliminating dandruff, pandan leaves also serves to blacken the hair. The way is to boil a few pieces of pandan leaves that have been cut into pieces with a liter of water. Once the water is boiling then deposited during the night. After overnight precipitated you can mix with ripe noni fruit. You can use to rinse the hair after shampooing regularly twice a week.
Those are benefits of Pandan Leaves for Dandruff treatment and Natural Hair Treatment and this can be different choice for children dandruff treatment.

Pandan Leaves Treatment for Hair Fall

To keep your hair does not fall out, you can also use a sheet of pandan leaves blended with 10 pieces of hibiscus leaves that still fresh, a handful of Eclipta alba leaves (false daisy leaves)and 5 pieces of Saucer leaves. Add also 10 jasmine flowers and red roses that had been washed and cut into pieces. Add the sesame oil, walnut oil and coconut oil to taste and heat to boiling.
hair fall treatment with pandan leaves

After the mixture oil had cooler, you can rub the surface of the whole scalp with a massage. Do this before sleeping and wash it next morning. You will see the result for a month with your hair increase healthy and not fall out again.

Those are tips how we can doing natural hair treatment with Pandan leaves, we hope all the recipes benefits to improve your healthy hair and scalp.
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How to Treat The Hair After Smoothing

Hair Smoothing Treatment

How to treat the hair after smoothing - For those of you who have straight hair because doing smoothing in the salon, it would quickly be damaged such as split ends, coarse, dry and somewhat reddish hair color. It can be avoided if you understand how to care your hair after smoothing in order to keep the hair healthy and durable smoothing.
We will give you the secrets of how to care your hair correctly after doing hair smoothing :
hair smoothing treatment

Do not wash your hair first for 3 days after smoothing

During 3 days, the drug of smoothing still process the hair straightening for the best results to remain durable, so do not clean the hair of smoothing drug for 3 days ago.

Hair mask

After 3 days, use a hair mask in order to keep hair healthy and remain relaxed after being exposed to chemicals. You can do a hair mask in salon or do it yourself at home (search for natural hair mask here). Simply purchase a hair mask sachet 's, apply a hair mask throughout hair from scalp to ends of hair after shampooing. Perform a scalp massage that relaxes the scalp. Wrap hair in a warm towel or steam, allow up to 20-30 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Using Conditioner

Use conditioner after shampooing to keep hair moist and smooth. That way, the result of hair smoothing will not dry not be broken because the hair moisture accordingly. Simply by applying the conditioner evenly mainly focus on the hair tip because it is more vulnerable.

Perform routine Hair Trim

Doing hair trim at least once a month in order to keep your smoothing hair healthy and free from dry hair.

Use a wide-toothed comb

When using the tight toothed comb the hair will quickly fall as forcibly drawn by the comb. While hair smoothing results are still vulnerable to loss.

Do not use Hairdryer or Hair Iron

These tools will make your hair dry and easily damaged. Because, the tool generates heat that can damages the hair. To drying your hair, simply by using a towel and do it slowly ( not rough ).

Use Hair Vitamins

Choose hair vitamin that works to overcome dry hair and keep the hair from damage. Use hair vitamins after shampooing and before go to bed in order to keep hair moist and healthy.

Do not too frequent shampooing

Perform shampooing maximum two days at once to keep the hair damp. Too often and too infrequent shampooing will make your hair dry faster.

Do all our tips above will make your smoothing hair durable, good luck !
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How to Keep The Hair from Drying and Loss

How to keep the hair from drying and loss - Basically the way in treating damaged hair, dry and fall is almost the same, should you notice first is the reason why your hair can dry and fall off. Remember my friend, there is not anything just going on like that because then there must be the emergence of an effect, especially if you have symptoms of dry hair and then fall out then try to think for a moment what you have done to your hair so it could be like that.
how to keep hair from dry and loss
Usually symptoms of dry hair and loss experienced by many women, they often use tools and hair care governance model which may not comply with her hair conditions, use wrong hair dryers, too much contact with ultraviolet light, excessive hair coloring, use of chemicals materials that are not recognized to the extent that is highly undesirable when there is a disease that arise and affect your hair loss.
Try to identify what is the caused first and then find a solution, here I will give you tips on how to care for dry hair and loss

Try to use natural treatments
Natural way of hair care directly from nature a lot, like the papaya seeds, pecans, aloe vera and many others. Before you decide to use medicines you might try natural care first because it have less money and in addition don’t have an impact on your hair health, especially dry hair problems and hair loss.

Know your hair types before treatment
Usually different hair types are different hair treatments to do. How to know your hair type and the product is by try and error. Try to use some products that may be able to prevent your hair dry and fall off. If you feel comfortable then go ahead and if there are complaints then STOP and look for other products.
how to keep hair from dry and loss
Notice on how to comb the hair is good and right
Especially the women when finished shampooing it will not be separated from the comb. Do you get the wrong utilizing this type of comb, usually when your hair is wet and dry will experience a different kind. Wherein wet is easy to comb, in this condition you can use a comb that has a narrow range, but when your hair is dry then it will expand and contract, under these conditions using the narrow comb can pull out your hair. This is what usually causing your hair loss. The solution you have to collect many combs with various sizes.

Notice on when you wash it
Shampooing is one that can’t be abandoned by the woman. Every week surely one or two times to wash their hair. When you wash you need to consider so that your hair does not fall out are : intensity and scratching amount on your hair when shampoo. You should try to shampooing with regular, too often is not good and do scratching while shampooing too often can kill the cells where the growth of your hair.
how to keep hair from dry and loss

Attention to your lifestyle
Lifestyle is a habit that can’t be separated from our daily life. Particularly in terms of hair care many women are often tied her hair with very tight rubber. This is potential to cause your hair loss, this habit often tie hair especially while sleeping.

Use the appropriate hair vitamins
The vitamins that suitable for hair is vitamin E. To keep your hair soft and strong use the vitamins necessary.

Here's our brief discussion today about the latest how to keep the hair from drying and loss.
May be useful.
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10 Healthy Foods for Healthy Hair

10 healthy foods for healthy hair - Healthy hair became one of female attractiveness even hair is often referred to as the woman’s crown who often use expensive treatment method. However it turns out that natural treatments you can do by eating foods that are beneficial for hair health, here are 10 foods can improve your hair to be healthy:
healthy hair foods
1. Salmon

Salmon are rich in protein and vitamin D that works for stronger hair. The omega - 3 fatty acids contain in salmon may also help you in treating hair. Basically your body can not make fatty acids needed for hair care. The needed for Omega - 3 is also found in the cell membranes in your scalp, and also natural oils that keep the hair and scalp hydrated. Besides to consume salmon, you can find the benefits of omega 3 fatty acids from fish like sardines and mackerel, as well as avocados, pumpkin seeds, and walnuts.

2. Walnuts

Walnuts are the only nuts that have a large amount of omega - 3 fatty acids. In addition to omega 3 in the walnuts are also biotin and vitamin E that help protect cells from DNA damage. Less of biotin can cause hair loss. Walnuts also contain copper and minerals that help maintain the natural color of your hair and make your hair shiny.

3. Oyster

Oysters are rich in zinc, cell deficiency of zinc causes hair loss even up on your lashes, as well as some skin disorders such as dry and flaky skin. You can also have the benefit of zinc from cereals and whole wheat bread. Nevertheless the oysters are the higher of zinc and protein content. Considering about 97 % hair is composed of protein. Without enough protein, your body can not replace the natural hair resulting in dry, brittle, or weak.
healthy hair foods
4. Sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are a source of beta- carotene and antioxidants which is converted by the body into vitamin A. Basically, every cell of the body can’t function without adequate A. Vitamin A can assist you in caring for healthy scalp and also relieves itching and dandruff.

5. Eggs

Eggs have four very important minerals such as sulfur, zinc, selenium, and iron. The iron content in egg will assist in the transformation of oxygen to your hair follicles. If less contents of iron the body you will have hair loss problems. You can eat foods with high iron levels such as chicken, beef and fish.

6. Spinach

The contained in spinach such as iron, beta carotene, folate, and vitamin C can help the hair follicles and scalp healthy. In addition of spinach you can consume green vegetables such as broccoli and radishes also can assist the nutritional needs of your hair.

7. Soybeans

Soybeans are food with protein, biotin, iron and zinc which can be nutrients needed for healthy hair. In addition you can consume kidney beans that have similar content.

8. Greek yogurt

This snacks are beneficial for your body because Greek yogurt is high in protein, vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid) and vitamin D. Research shows that it contains vitamin D for hair health.

9. Blueberries

The fruits contain of vitamin C that essential for healthy hair. Vitamin C is essential for the circulation of small blood vessels to nourish the follicle on your scalp. Less of vitamin C in your diet can cause hair damage.

10. Poultry

Poultry contains very high of protein, zinc, iron, and vitamin B to keep the hair strong and thick. Because the hair composition is almost all protein, so a diet with rich of protein is helpful treating hair health.

Similarly, about 10 healthy foods that are good for hair health. Consume proportionally the foods above for healthy body and hair. See more articles for healthy hair diet on Diet and nutrition for hair loss. Good luck!
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The Maggots Found after Doing Hair Extensions

The maggots found after doing hair extensions - Irene Myangoh was an women in Kenya who complained of headaches were unbearable. After passing a series of examinations in the doctor, finally found out that the cause of the pain it is carnivorous maggots growing inside her head.
hair extensions problems
As reported in the Daily Mail on Saturday, October 31, 2013, the maggots in the Irene Myangoh ‘s head came after she made hair extensions. The Doctors believe that Myangoh purchased her hair extension from the corpse.

It all started with a desire Myangoh appear charming hair. She was doing some hair extensions. A personal assistant at a law firm in Nairobi, Kenya, bought the hair extensions from a salon.

But, after having hair extensions, she had headaches for two weeks. She has drinking a reliever drug but a little effect.

Unable to stand, Myangoh see the doctor and she did blood tests and brain scans. But the result is negative. Then the doctors examine her scalp and found maggots in the meat-eaters in her head.

The problems experienced Myangoh shave her hair and took an antibiotics.

The salon manager said, Myangoh doing hair extensions in 10 packages. The salon ever had sold a total of 150 pieces in all branches in less than 2 months.

"I was shocked to hear this problem because the first time it happened to my client, " said the unnamed woman.

"I would ask for more information from my suppliers because we import this from the UK, USA and India," she said.

This case that happened to Myangoh make the salon will likely refuse to supply the plant again and promised to pay the compensation to Myangoh.

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